What we server at Quay Accountants

At Quay we see our purpose as being to unlock your business potential.  This potential could be simply to get the best from your investments or it could be working alongside you to grow your wealth, profitability and cashflow.

Quay based in Whakatane, was established in 1999, and our team are experienced and qualified individuals supported by modern systems and some of the best resources available in New Zealand.

We are in the business of asset growth and protection. We work with you to:
1. Create solid financial foundations
2. Give you a sound understanding of your financial position
3. Ensure your assets are protected
4. Grow your investment value
5. Unlock your business potential

Our core values are the cornerstone of the way we work as they define our ideal professional relationship.

Family First Strong families are the foundation of strong businesses
Enduring Relationships Being there with honesty and care so we can achieve our dreams together
Best Endeavour Going the extra mile with mutual respect
Believe in Individual    To stretch and evolve to be the best you can be
Enthusiasm Can do attitude

We believe working together with these core values in mind will result in great outcomes and a strong professional relationship between us.

If are interested in becoming a client of Quay we offer a Proactive Accounting Meeting. This is a complimentary no obligation meeting with a senior team member to review your goals, and to share how we can assist you in achieving them.