Protect Your Assets

10 Ways to Protect Your Assets…

…..So You Can Sleep At Night

  1. Consider forming a Family Trust
  2. Have a Trust Review done
  3. Review your securities
  4. Review your insurances – are you covered?
  5. Strengthen your Balance Sheet – eliminate overdrawn current accounts
  6. Update Wills
  7. Update Memorandum of Wishes
  8. Enduring Powers of Attorney
  9. Separate passive income from active income
  10. Ask us for 10 more

There is no point investing time and money into the growth of a business, if it is not being protected should something unforeseen happen. Quay Accountants will work with you to ensure your assets are protected in accordance with your requirements. The services we offer include ACC Administration and Review, Professional Trustee Service, Trust Review, Trust Administration and Quay Life Organiser

ACC Administration and Review
The intricacies of the ACC regime are often too difficult and time consuming for many business owners to administer effectively.  We have found that some business owners are inadequately covered or are paying too much due to coding and classification errors.  Quay have built a strong relationship with ACC and have a proficient team here who can quickly manage your ACC matters to ensure compliance and that you are covered appropriately. Our service is made up of two parts; the on-going administration of your ACC requirements and a full ACC review.

Professional Trustee Service
Trusts involve complex issues which make quality expert advice essential both in relation to the establishment of a Trust and on-going administration. The role of a Trustee can be extremely daunting for an untrained person. By using Quay as Professional Trustee we will advise you on the best way to preserve your assets, ensuring as much as possible will be received by the intended beneficiaries.

Trust Review Service
Trusts are living documents and it is important to make sure they are regularly reviewed and updated. Changes in circumstances and legislation can impact existing Trust Structures. Quay Accountants provide this service to ensure your existing Trust still reflects your current intentions in the most simplistic structure possible, and is in accordance with current statutory requirements.

Trust Administration Service
Many people have set up Trusts but have not been administering them correctly. This may result in them being deemed void in a contested situation.  Quay Accountants have a team of experts who are experienced and proficient at Trust Administration and can take this complexity away from you. This will ensure all minutes are recorded, gifts and distributions are documented, and will prevent any litigation against the Trust.

Quay Life Organiser
The Quay Life Organiser has been developed to be a central record for all matters relating to you, designed to assist you in managing your affairs. It includes your personal, business, financial, property, and insurance details. We all know we need to have our affairs documented and in order, but how many of us get around to making it happen, as it seems such an onerous task. Quay Accountants will work with you in a step by step process to help you take action to complete your Quay Life Organiser.

Group Structure and Tax Review with Quay Accountants
On-going legislative changes continually impact the structure and profits of organisations. Quay Accountants have developed this service to ensure you capitalise on opportunities to optimise your tax planning, as well as maximising asset protection and allow flexibility for future growth.